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The Park Royal was a new concept in New York living in the 1920's, the apartment hotel. It was intended to be home to those who did not wish the travails of maintaining a private residence. The Park Royal would offer all the conveniences of a hotel along with individuality for each resident to create a unique home. Only permanent residents were accepted.

The appointments throughout were very luxurious for its day with lovely views of Central Park. Residents were able to arrange their individual apartments as they liked and at the same time enjoy all of the amenities of full hotel service. There was a beautiful restaurant at the resident's command with top-notch cuisine. Maid service was provided as part of a resident's lease.

The apartments were divided into two, three and four room suites on 15 floors. Each apartment contained a complete serving pantry with refrigeration and circulating ice water. Each bedroom had its own private bath. The views from The Park Royal are of Central Park from the upper floors and when built, there was a view of the Dakota Gardens (which no longer exist).

The developer, Lapidus Engineering Corporation, purchased the existing brownstones on either side of The Park Royal in order to insure the views were not obstructed. These brownstones eventually became privately owned residences.

The architect, George F. Pelham was a famous architect of his day. The Park Royal was designed during the Golden Age and all of the details of our building today reflect that era. The first two floors are limestone and the upper floors are constructed of gold colored tapestry brick. Some apartments have terraces as well.

In 1985, the owner, Broadway Associates converted The Park Royal to a luxury cooperative.